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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 23, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. security is being stepped up at some of the largest malls in the u.s. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has more that the department of homeland security could shut down. >> we don't know if the threat from from the somali-based of terrorism could help open the door. the extremist group encouraged threats against malls here in the u.s. including that mall of america in minute minute. the al shabab group called for malls in canada and britain. this is the same group that attacked the mall in kennia back in 2013. 60 people were killed over three days' time, but authorities say so far this threat does not appear to be credible.
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it's more a call to action. at the same time, though, the department of homeland security is quickly running out of money. >> if we go into government s t shutdown some 30,000 employees of my department will be furloughed including personnel i count on day lay to stay one step ahead of groups like isil. >> republicans refuse to sign off on the president's budget because of the president's immigration plan, leading to talks of another government shutdown perhaps. some republicans want to force the president to back down on that immigration plan via the budget, other republicans say we don't have to do this now. we have the courts on our side. you might remember texas judge temporarily barred any deportation deferrals last week. back to the mall threats, the main threat is against that minneapolis mall, no specific threat to malls here in the bay area. sam and laura? >> we'll see what happens on capitol hill with respect to funding dhs.
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crews stopped shipping over the weekend, "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang is live in oakland this morning. with the six to eight weeks of goods backed up are things finally moving this morning? >> reporter: that remains to be seen but good morning, laura. i spoke to one of the heads of security here who says he's going to as usual open the gates at 6:00 in the morning so it seems like operations will be back to normal. you can see the long line of trucks. there's quite a bit of backlog as you mentioned that will take time for things to get back into a good rhythm of flowing operations. yesterday a misunderstanding after an an arbitrator ruled dockworkers who decided to take a morning break at the same time instead of staggered rest period, the workers were ordered back to work last night to load and unload eight vessels. port officials were not happy with the amount of activity lost. >> it puts doubts in the minds
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of our customers. if it they can't count on the reliability of the port of oakland they may be influenced to divert cargo elsewhere. >> reporter: of course that could mean lots of jobs. the good news is this seems to be an isolated incident and this was over a nine-month contract dispute for waterfront employers and longshoremen. workers at the 28 other seaports were fully operating yesterday. it should resume back to normal at 7:00 and the port of oakland. there may be a minimal workforce and possibly a meeting between management and labor groups. live at the port of oakland, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> let's hope things get back to norm normal. a thief thought it could be like stealing candy from a baby. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us from a safe way store in san jose, a tug-of-war over
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girl scout money. >> reporter: girl scouts with local troupe 61060 set up shop outside the satisfy way on brandham lane to sell cookies. business was apparently good. they amassed $600 in cash sales but something caught the eye of one of those scouts, 10-year-old sophia contos noticed a man eyeing their cash box with the $600 inside. sensing something wasn't right she kept her hand on the box. he was able to steal the box and the money. 23-year-old cody gibbs allegedly returned to the scene to drive off in his car, that's when sophia's mom jotted down the license plate number, police arrested him shortly thereafter for strongarm robbery. >> i didn't really know that a guy would do that. i didn't know that there were people around here that would do such a thing, and i -- it just made me feel bad.
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>> gibbs allegedly only had half the money on him. this is according to police. k9 officer helped find the cash box ditched in a nearby creek. the responding officers pitched in $60 for the troupe and bought the remaining cookies, valued at $240. gibbs expected to make his first court appearance this wednesday. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the girls understandably a little shaken up there. thank you very much, bob. it is 5:05 right now. the new case against former santa clara supervisor george shirakawa jr. moves to court today. he is accused of sending out phoby campaign mailers in 2010. san jose city council race. his lawyers are in court today for a procedural hearing. shirakawa already served time in jail for misusing public and campaign funds. rvelts investigators trying to figure out what caused a destructive fire in sfrab's castro district near the corner of 15th and church streets saturday afternoon.
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it took firefighters with an hour just to get those flames under control. the fire caused about $1.5 million in damage. 12 people are looking for a new place to stay this morning. the only injury thankfully was to a cat which suffered smoke inhalation but is expected to be okay. >> 5:06. i want to check the forecast a little breezy out there this morning. christina has a look at the microclimate forecast. >> we have gusty wind in parts of the bay area, other areas not seeing gusts whatsoever. we're watching zero in san martin. sustained speed up to 20 miles per hour in mountain view 15, stephanie out in the port of oakland that wind is whipping this morning. travel with caution. i want to show you what's going on because it's also crystal clear out there. we had all those clouds yesterday really increasing, a little bit of shower activity the south end of the bay area. we picked up some snowfall in tahoe and getting snowfall this morning in las vegas from the same system. we didn't get a lot of snow in
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tahoe, a couple inches above the highest peeks. right now you can clearly see that's an offshore pattern. as i widen out, you see that red? that's the jet stream, it's very close to us and as a result we're getting that fierce wind this morning in parts of the bay area. as we head throughout the day today, we're going to start to see that system head out of town as the jet stream starts to move to the east and so that's why the wind advisory will expire as we head through about 10:00 a.m. today. really going to be a big difference between this morning and what we're expecting this afternoon when it comes to those winds. temperatures right now mostly in the 50s. as we get into your afternoon high noon, 56 degrees in the south bay. cool enough for a jacket, just about all day long. we'll round out the day at just 64 degrees, which is still just a touch above average for this time of year but not much. we typically see temperatures in the low 60s. 62 degrees is the average high for the south bay. 61 in the tri valley, that's about right for you and 63 degrees in san francisco, a little bit warmer than average here, with a big change on the way towards the end of the week and that includes some much
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needed rainfall. stick around. we'll talk about that in my next report. right now if you're getting ready to head out that front door watch out, that wind could blow a little bit of debris on the highway, plus if you drive a high profile vehicle could be problematic. the man who knows all about it, mike inouye. >> because i have a lot of debroo he in my yard is what christina means, i have to rake that up. trees, branches, things might roll across the roadway. no major problems presented by the wind but bay bridge back to normal service for the morning, all the cash lanes look like they're open. another shot from emeryville we can see the camera tremble a bit over here, that is the wind shaking the camera and it will hit you as you cross the bridge as well. bay bridge, richmond/san rafael bridge to the north connecting the east bay and the north bay that has an advisory as well. golden gate bridge the wind will be alongside not as much of an issue. keep that in mind through the east bay hills, the diablo range
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and oakland area. across the san mateo and duso f no big issues, south bay moving at speeds so does the peninsula. back to you. >> we're off on a monday. coming up, we'll take you live to hollywood for a look at the big winners and losers at the oscars. a possible deal with greece makes investors happy, could cause some interesting things to happen on wall street. we'll take a look, coming up.
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very good monday morning to you. if is 5:11. bus drivers who take facebook employees to and from work voted on their first union contract. scott mcgrew, might be the first of several bus lines to do so. >> we expect so and we should be clear they're not facebook bus drivers per se. they work for a private company that's been contracted by facebook to drive those workers. the drivers work for loop transportation they voted to last fall unionize, then over the weekend, voted to accept union contracts that gives them a pay raise and farankly some o the benefits people expect, 401(k) program, paid vacation. greece worked out a deal with the european union to extend its loan agreement provided greece enacts some kind of budget cuts. the takeaway is the new greek government, the we're going to go to brussels and hold the
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line, tell those germans we're in charge, those guys, they've said they wouldn't agree to the stuff they just agreed to. now they've got to go back to athens and convince voters to make cuts and reforms that are similar to what the old greek government was asking for, but the deal does make investors happy. for a quick check of the markets let's check with landon dowdy at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> hey, scott, good morning. stocks could come under pressure to start the week as futures are mixed. the markets are coming off a positive week that saw the dow close at a record high on friday and the nasdaq at another 15-year high. look for reports later this week on home prices, consumer confidence and inflation friday. the dow is 154 points to 18,140, the nasdaq up 31 to 4955. scott, back over to you. >> landon, thank you. okay, 4955, that is darned close to nasdaq 5000. what's it going to mean when nasdaq crosses back above that level, a level it has not seen
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since the dot-comboom? is it different this time? >> interesting. >> could we say let the good times roll? >> they rolled for a short time last time and dnt didn't last. it's 5:14, christina has a look at the microclimate coming up. it was a nice weekend. >> yes, nice weekend. hopefully you had a great weekend. 5:14 now. we have a good day shaping up if you're someone who can deal with a little wind for the first part of your day and that will relax into the afternoon. the wind is strong but i'm seeing wind on the more serious side more than this before and you probably have, too. if you're waking up with us, in the high elevations of the east or the north bay, you might have been awoken by some howling wind last night. temperatures are pretty chilly out there as well. make sure you grab your jacket. it will be a lovely day out there once we lose the wind.
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the wind advisory will expire at 10:00 a.m. if they decide to extend it of course we'll let you know on facebook, twuter and right here on "nbc bay area news" at 11:00 a.m. sunny, lower 60s in the forecast for today. your sun will set at 5:56. this is all going to change as we get into daylight savings time and that occurs as we head throughout the 8th of march. our days are numbered. winds cooler today. you'll notice that difference, not as much cloud cover out there. cold start and we're going to see some really good temperatures as we head throughout the mid section of the week, not quite into the 70s like we had last week and a really good chance for some showers as we head into the end of the week, but let me help take you through your day part forecast for today. grab a jacket, temps in the 50s until at least 8:00 a.m. by noon still in the 50s so you'll still need that jacket. you might be able to ditch it for a couple hours as we get into the warmest point of the day but only in some spots. north bay 64 degrees. 64 in the south bay and 61 degrees out in the tri valley.
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then that rain moves in as we head throughout friday and the upcoming weekend. not expecting heavy shower activity, maybe up to a quarter of an inch. we'll take whatever we can get. what i can tell you is, this is not the only storm system. there is a couple more lined up behind it. the 27th and 28th, that's this friday and saturday, first chance for rain, then this 3rd of march brings in some heavy rainfall and we desperately need it, so that's good news. our pattern looks to change as we head throughout the next few weeks. stop that clock for you friday at 3:00, you can see showers coming through. erg's going to clear out as we head throughout your sunday but then tuesday 9:00 a.m., more shower activity begins and this is only the second of three powerful systems, the third one will bring us significant rainfall. we'll talk more about that as we head throughout the morning together, it is still early after all. 5:16 now, and i like to spread everything out a little bit, and give you just pieces of information from time to time so it's not redundant. 5:16. he does the same thing. here's our own mike inouye.
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>> i agree. i don't like redundancy. i -- you see, look at 580 commute right here. it's kind of redundant to say in the morning but it is, well, it's 580. we have traffic flows and looking at slothe slowdown. the altamont pass the windmill farms and we have wind as christina talked about this morning. nothing dramatic, not like a wind advisory but it's a wind advisory from chp, as you come through the pass. as we get closer to the water, talking about the east bay hills, diablo range, the oakland range as well you'll get caught with gustier conditions but not a major concern, just a note for you across that richmond/san rafael bridge. the bay bridge, san mateo bridge all of the east/west bridges getting the warning. no issues for the south bay, silicon valley or peninsula. live look for foster city the approach coming off the high-rise. the camera shakes from time to time and in the south bay i showed you the smooth drive along the map sensors.
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there's the volume just starting to eke up a little bit 101 at 680. no major concerns. >> thank you very much. a famous musician once said after the party it's the afterparty. after that it's hotel lobby. >> the 87th annual academy awards in the books and it was a show that spread the wealth and certainly stirred some emotions. jennifer bjorklund is live in hollywood with some of the details and the cleanup going on behind you. >> reporter: this is the after, after, afterparty, here on hollywood boulevard where they are really cleaning it up very quickly. it was an exciting night here, "birdman" the big winner coming out on top, and the big winners in acting categories all first-timers at the 87th oscars. >> we have hollywood's best and whitest -- sorry, brightest. >> "birdman."
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>> reporter: it won four oscars including best picture and best director. >> we are here, i don't know how that happened but it happened. >> reporter: it also happened for eddie redmin for his portrayal of steven hawking. >> this belongs to all of those people around the world battling als. >> a struggle with early onset alzheimer's fueled julianne moore's character in "still alice" and her performance brought a first oscar as best actress. >> at the end of the day it's the work, you know. it's being able to do work that i love that's been so rewarding and this is just amazing. >> reporter: after dominating the pre-oscar award season, j.k. simmons scored again, best supporting actor for "whiplash" and patricia arquette earned an oscar in need of a post show name enscription, best supporting actress for "boyhood." ♪ oh glory >> reporter: the absence of acting nominations for "selma"
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stirred controversy into last night but a stellar performance of "glory" brought audience members to tears moments before the best original sopping. >> this is really important. the oscars, there's nothing like it in the world, and for to us win this award we're very grateful. >> reporter: "the grand budapest hotel" shared in oscar glory. it tied "birdman" with four wins overall. and films like "american sniper" and "interstellar" big winners at the the boss action office but settled for one single win in technical category last night. i'm gen ufr byorklund. >> looks like your limousine is behind you. >> reporter: good one. >> fancy. >> if you missed the oscars we have a look at all the winners listed on our website and photos from the afterparty and also a
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little quiz you can take to test your red carpet knowledge, just head to and search "oscars." the berkeley library making national headlines for a little printing error. >> a little one. notice anything wrong with it? the word berkeley is misspelled. the berkeley public library received the buttons ten years ago but stored them away when the error was discovered. recently somebody found a batch of the buttons in storage so the city shipped them to the library in berkeley, michigan, spelled b-e-r-k-l-e-y. >> they put them to good use. 5:21. the giants get their skipper back. we'll tell you how bruce bochy is doing. everything online. we do jut
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and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works.
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5:24 right now. and christina has been reporting on gusts of wind out there in certain parts of the bay area. you can see from the vantage point on the bay bridge the camera is shaking a bit on your monday morning. east bay leaders are apparently on the clock when it comes to i anew stadium deal with the raiders, as in 30 days. >> raider sources tell "the chronicle" it could be the best game plan. the city of carson announced a
5:25 am
planned joint stadium for the raiders and sclan diego charger. the city of san diego is doing what it can to keep the chargers in town. san diego's mayor met with charger representatives yesterday. the two talked about ways to work to keep the team in san diego. the mayor's office plans to expedite its work on a new stadium plan there and present the results to the chargers in the next three months but all teams feeling the pressure. giants manager bruce bochy was there for spring traiping practice. he had two stents put into an artery that was 90% blocked. bochy says he feels great and immediately had more energy after the procedure. >> we are happy to hear that news about the boch. back and healthy again. 5:25 right now. yes, we are in of course spring mode at least getting there and a little bit of wind to start your day this morning on your microclimate forecast,
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christina. >> yes, we're getting closer to spring, sam and laura. still feels like wintertime. just about all week long a return to winter with the inclusion of shower activity towards the end of the week. 56 degrees in san francisco, 51 degrees in the north bay and 49 degrees in the south bay, but i have to tell you, at this time tomorrow, temperatures are going to be in the 30s, just about everywhere. we have a very cold night ahead. as you get into your afternoon today it's still going to be chilly enough for a coat. you'll be at 60 degrees in san francisco, 57 in the north bay and only 56 degrees for us here in the south bay, as of noon, rounding out the day in the low to mid-60s so 70s and 80s we've been dealing with, a thing of the past just about all week long and into next week as well. we'll take you through your extended forecast in a moment. right now want to see if the wind is impacting your drive. the man who knows, mike inouye. >> the men and women driving through it, the chp said yes the wind will be a factor across bay
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area bridges. look at how clear it is, light 101 headed north into menlo park area. clear flow of traffic. disabled vehicle south 280 at 87 not presenting any problems for your south bay san jose commute. wind advisories for dumbarton and san mateo and bay bridge. quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza, cash lanes starting to stack up, back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:27 right now. parishioners showing outrage at a san francisco church and parents speaking out about a controversial pamphlet handed out to young kids. the young woman accused of the brutal and heartless murder of a google executive prepares to return to court this morning.
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the kids are work so long hard it's horrible. >> girl scouts are robbed. and how much time a police officer will spend in prison for corruption.
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>> good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we do have some fierce wind out there, just for the first part of the day. wind will relax and then rains moves in. all the details in your microclimate forecast >> we'll talk about the wind how it's feekting your commute and the commute itself starting to kick in right dmou. >> a live look outside mike, there is that wind in action as we look at the bay bridge on monday, february the 23rd. you are watching "today in the bay." a good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. who steals money from a girl scout selling cookies? believe it or not it happened in front of a safe way in the south bay. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in san jose where it happened. what was this guy thinking, bob is this. >> reporter: i'm sure a lot of people are wondering why anyone would target kids. good morning to laura and sam especially young girls selling girl scout cookies outside their
5:31 am
local grocery store. this is the man police arrested his name is cody gibbs they tell us. an officer tells us yesterday this 23-year-old allegedly robbed members of girl scout troop 60160 as they sold their cookies outside the satisfy way store on branham lane in san jose. business was good. the young ladies amassed $600 in cash sales. one of the girl scouts knew something wasn't right when she spotted gintz eyeing their cash box. >> he was looking around looking at the cookies and i start to pull the box away and he jerks and goes for it. i jerk it away but then he's like too strong sew gets it. >> to steal from a kid who has been working hard it's horrible. we're devastated. >> about ten minutes after running away, gintz allegedly returned to the satisfy way
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parking lot to get into his car. one of the mothers reported his license plates to kids. he had $300 on him, a k9 officer found the cash box ditched in a nearby creek. the officers ended up buying the remaking cookies which amounted to around $240 and chipped in a $60 donation. none of the girls was hurt. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> pretty amazing. thanks a lot, bob. 5:32 right now. happening today, a convicted sex offender just released on parole may answer to new charges in court this morning. carlisle villazon is accused of molesting a little girl inside of a 99 cent store in hayward earlier in the month. in 2010 he was convicted of mollsting a girl at a walmart in san leandro. he had just been paroled when this latest attack happened. he was supposed to enter a plea last week but the hearing was rescheduled to today. and a former san francisco police officer finds out today if he'll be serving time in prison for corruption. ian firminger was a member of a
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narcotic's team linked to a series of illegal raids in 2009. in december he was convicted of stealing money and property along with wire fraud and conspiracy to distribute drugs. he faces up to eight years in prison at today's sentencing. 5:33. also in court today high-end call girl charged in the deadly heroin overdose of a google executi executive. alex tickleman injected google executive forest hayes with so much heroin it killed him. it happened 16 months ago on hayes' yacht in santa cruz. tickleman faces felony manslaughter charges for leaving the boat as hayes lay dying. the scene at the port of oakland yesterday looked an awful lot like the height of a labor dispute, empty docks, backlogged cargo and no movement. this might sound confusing since the two sides hammered out an agreement last week. "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joins us live from oakland. disagreement over break times, shut down business yesterday. are things back up and running now? good morning. >> reporter: good morning to
5:34 am
you, sam. while these gates should be open at 6:00 this morning as usual, according to one of the heads of security i spoke with this morning. we're hearing there may be minimal work or slower progress this morning due to maybe a meeting between management and labor reps, so that remains to be seen. but this is all happening after a hiccup yesterday when dockworkers decided to take a morning break at the same time instead of the shipper's request of staggered rest periods, so work can continue to flow. an arbitrator ruled the workers' break amounted to an illegal work stoppage. around 10:00 in the morning 'til 7:00 last night the port was a ghost town much to the dismay of truck drivers eager to have operation back on track again. >> yes, of course. it gets to relieve some of the congestion in our yard. lot of the loads have been there for a while. >> reporter: and yesterday's disagreement seems to be an isolated incident so that's the good news. the west coast port dispute
5:35 am
settlement reached on friday is still intact. other workers were in full operation yesterday and operations here at the oakland did resume at 7:00 last night but according to the port, the ships, the containers are all out of place, out of bale so it's going to take some time to clear the backlog. live in oakland, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> hopefully this is just the last snag here, thank you very much, stephanie. 5:35, a sea of black is the star of sea catholic dmumpb san francisco. some members attended yesterday's mass in black clothing as a symbol of protests. parents and alumni are upset over a controversial pamphlet given to kids as young as 7, it touches on abortion and mercy killings. few members dropped notes of opposition instead of money into the collection basket. the notes are directed at father joseph islo who was behind the literature. >> it was without the permission of the parents and i find it to
5:36 am
be abhorrent. >> last week father islo admitted it was probably inappropriate to hand out the pamphlet to young children but added there's nothing in the pamphlet the catholic church does not teach. we have seen a lot of snow the last few weeks in expected places, boston, new york, the east coastline. >> the sierra. >> the sierra. christina, some unexpected locations as well, las vegas getting a round here. good morning. >> yes, good morning to you, sam and laura. it's very unusual. this is actually the hills surrounding vegas. we're not getting that snowfall right on the strip but this is the same system that came through yesterday and brought us all those clouds. we actually have some video to show you of vegas this morning. take a look at this, very unusual to see that, but i can tell you as we head throughout the next couple days, this is going to be the trend, very, very cold air and two systems working against each other. this system continues to race over the rockies, actually amplified and you know where
5:37 am
that one's headed right to the east coast, bringing them even more of that unwanted winter weather. but for us, this is a welcome sight. we need the precipitation all across the desert southwest, and for us here in the bay area, we've got a good chance as we get into the end of the week and the first part of your weekend. we want to talk about what's happening, because that system is directly impacting us still. high pressure moves in. we have tight pressure gradient and you can see where we sit right now in comparison to the jet stream, that's all this red. that is where you get the fastest moving wind speeds, as we head throughout the day today, this is all going to start to head to the east. by 10:00 our wind advisory will expire and for us that means it's going to be a lot more calm and a lot more sunny out there later on today. 18-mile-per-hour wind gusts though, still coming through mountain view, as we head throughout the day today it will be cool enough for a jacket, a brief return to winter this week and next week and looks like high pressure is back, but i do believe over the next couple weeks, we will get ample rainfall. so we'll talk more about that
5:38 am
coming up. right now 56 degrees in the south bay for today, at lunch time you'll be at 58 degrees at noon on the peninsula, so if you ride your bike to work or someone who has to wait outside for mass transit, make surer' prepared for that. it will be chilly out there, wrapping up the day to the low 60s. more on that rainfall in my next report. here's mike and your drive. >> all right, christina. talking about this backup starting to form westbound 580, a little more significant than you might imagine. we're looking at the map and talk about why. we have a good flow of traffic coming in out of the altamont and we also have a fender bender now over on the shoulder at h hoppian, the commute direction toward the livermore and tri valley. wind advisory out of the altamont where the windmill farms, keep that in mind traveling through the east bay hills. diablo, danville, alamo, oakland, piedmont hills, likely getting gusts as well. earlier morning winds dying down after 10:00. looking toward san rafael bridge, also bay bridge and the
5:39 am
san mateo bridge having wind advisories issued by chp this morning. quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have the backups starting to form in all of your lanes back here. the metering lights should be turned on any second because the backup just formed over here. no problems for the peninsula or south bay. you're at speeds for those locations. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. right now they are the workers who speak up when they see public safety issues that put all of us at risk. from airlines to pipelines, employees on the front lines are supposed to be protected from retaliation when they raise red flags but as the investigative unit learn the federal program established to protect whistle-blowers is often failing its mission. pattern of mismanagement and pressure to close out cases rather than to investigate them. >> it creates victims for the whistle-blowers that come to us. lot of them suffer more retaliation from the agency than they did from their company. >> tonight we're going to show you the serious complaints about airline safety and asbestos
5:40 am
testing and what happened to the workers who brought their concerns forward. we investigate that story tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, please call us at 888-996-tips or e-mail us at >> it is 5:40. breaking news out of campbell. firefighters on scene after a car fire. we'll have details in a live report. plus your next trip to the happiest place on earth will cost you more cash and has nothing to do with rising gas prices. >> a live look from the south bay, nice and clear, a little crisp out there as well. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after the break.
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a very good monday morning to you. look at the backup already at the bay bridge this morning. we'll check your morning commute, hopefully not a rough morning for commuters. it's 5:42. breaking news from the south bay, investigators are looking into three early morning car fires. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live from campbell with the latest and kris, did neighbors hear anything before
5:43 am
the fires happened? good morning. >> reporter: yes, neighbors were able to hear something that sounded like an explosion, they alerted the fire department and i just talked with the battalion chief of santa clara county fire and says the fires appear to be suspicious. why, you might want to know? any time he says that there are three fires that are all together, three vehicles on fire at the same time, that's suspicious. the time of day that it happened was suspicious and usually as they walk up to a scene, they can kind of, maybe not the official cause of a fire but they can certainly think what the likely culprit would be. right now this does not appear to be the case. the battalion chief says they %unt ars arson task force and campbell fire department to figure out whether there's surveillance video in the area. several witnesses came out and got cell phone video. this is a parking lot near a, rather near a movie house. it appears to be the cars are parked at overflow parking for the neighbors that live in the
5:44 am
apartment complexes nearby. but again three car fires, three sedans, two nissans and one hyundai are completely destroyed, completely engulfed when the fire department arrived and the fire department is looking into this as a possible case of arson. you might remember there was a string of car fires earlier in san jose, last year i should say. they do not appear to be related. that case was closed. in campbell, krised it "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. families of three missing british teenagers are making emotional pleas for the girls' return. they ran away last week. the parents fear the teens are off to join up with isis extremists. a boarded a flight to turkey and may be en route to syria. authorities are using social media to contact the girls and convince them to come home. another shocking suicide bombing in my jaer. an a suicide bomber blew herself
5:45 am
killing herself and the youngest victim 7 years old. the danger of derailment involving trains carrying crude, expect more in the years to come. the latest federal government report comes in the wake of last week's fiery derailment that forced massive evacuations in west virginia. experts forecast more than 200 oil train derailments will occur over the next 20 years, an average of ten per year. they say it could lead to more than $4 billion in damages and leave some major cities vulnerable. they recommend stronger tank cars, more effective braking systems and other safety approvals. the national weather service says temperatures will be 25 to 30 degrees below normal in new england and new york today. lake placid in new york could be as low as 30 below zero today. it's so cold the great lakes are actually freezing over.
5:46 am
there was a brief round of sunshine yesterday leading to new worries near a building in philadelphia. people are worried a thaw could cause the building to crumble. they think the ice is all that is holding it up. people in the area started calling it the ice palace. last week the building went up in flames. the water used by firefighters quickly froze encasing that building in ice. >> wow. trying conditions all over the northeast right now. we'll leave the arctic conditions to them. we have some temperature drop here as well. >> definitely going to be more like winter this week than we've experienced the last couple of weeks. then things are going to change and i'm talking about much needed rainfall here in the bay area. i don't know if you have been able to look around but our hillsides are so green, it's so beautiful around here and has not looked like this for over three years. so enjoy that, looks like we'll get a reinforcing shot of moisture for those hillsides as we head throughout the end of the week and a better chance of
5:47 am
a series of storms starlt to bulls eye the bay area getting into the first week of march and even it looks like beyond that. hopefully this pattern will maintain. i see high pressure trying to come back after the next couple weeks so it's always harder to tell after 72 hours out. you know what? weather is what changes, climate is what you expect. it's hard to forecast climate. we have a really potent jet stream just off to our west this morning, and as a result, some fierce wind across the bay area, with the gustiest conditions, gusts up to 40 miles per hour from time to time above 500 feet. keep that in mind as we head throughout the next couple of days. the wind will drop off as of today but staying nice and cool today, tomorrow, and then a little bit warmer as we head throughout the mid section of the week. temps right now mostly in the 50s. let' take you intonbmr lunch, 57 degrees in the north bay, grab that coat, maker'o
5:48 am
you have it handy today. 58 degrees on the peninsula, thennñd see really lovely finish to the day, 3:00, highs come in, this will change as we get to the time change as of the 8th of march. i like to keep you looking forward. 64 degrees for today in the south bay. 61 in the tri valley, and here we go, let me show you your futurecast as we head throughout friday at 3:00, i think we're going to see some light shower activity across the board, and that will continue through the first part of your saturday, so if you're trying to travel across the state of california, do keep in mind it's going to be kind of dangerous for that, as we head throughout this weekend. i know everybody's always bull's eyeing the weekend. we'll get a nice break for sunday so you will be able to get back outdoors and we get another system and a couple more behind this as we head throughout the first week of march. we'll keep you updated. i love watching weather system. he loves watching your drive for you, wants you to get to work safely, i'm talking about mike inouye. >> i also like watching paint dry so you can't use me as a
5:49 am
scale of excitement. the bay bridge toll plaza is still -- i was wrong when i was right here last time when i said that the bay bridge metering lights should be turned on any second. they were turned on at that second, and there's the backup for all of your lanes and the approach. let's look at your map. we show you the speed sensors not showing any big problems out of the maze, the 880 interchange there or the east shore freeway. smooth drive on the approach so far. wind advisory for the bay bridge span, same thing for the richmond/san rafael span and farther south the san mateo bridge as well. we're looking at the east bay hills for possible wind gusts through the area as well. we have a lower drive past a fender bender at the dublin interchange, west 580 dublin out of livermore. new crash reported at the castro valley y area. we'll get more details from chp as they arrive. the south bay and peninsula move smoothly and the connector between the east bay and the south bay, fremont, we'll show you the volume of traffic starting to increase in our live shot here. we see traffic flows nicely
5:50 am
southbound, your commute direction past the auto mall parkway sign toward milpitas. >> thank you very much. the ac transit system going the extra mile when it rolls out a double decker bus for some of its more scenic routes. the 42 foot long bus will be part of a three-week pilot program for selected trans bay routes. the larger bus has a smaller carbon footprint. ac transit will gauge customer reaction and possibly add the bus to its fleet. best of all those rides are going to be free. >> the big double decker there. >> police made an arrest with a hit-and-run crash that killed a food vendor in east san jose. driver slammed head-on into a car and then the driver took off and ran into a couple operating a food cart. the man who was hit died shortly after the crash. the woman who was hit is still in the hospital. police identified the driver as marco shamale. he faces several charges including vehicular
5:51 am
manslaughter. incentive here to get your kids to wash the dishes. new study out there morning finds doing dishes might be a great first chore for your kids and there's a good reason behind this. the study published in the journal "pediatrics" suggest kids get allergies because their environments are too clean. the author suggests doing dishes by hand exposes kids to microbes which will stimulate their immune system and help them become more tolerant. >> get in there and do the dishes. the trip to the happiest place on earth they have to earn it because it will cost them more and you. disney raises their prices at u.s. theme parks. one-day pass is now $105, $6 additional price. keep an eye out because sea world and universal orlando prices increase usually after disney. >> a couple months of dish washing there. a san francisco restaurant getting national attention as a model for workers' rights.
5:52 am
at ward winning zazie in cole valley gets points for more than just its menu. the recipe for success includes keeping workers happy so a small surcharge on each bill helping cover full benefits to are all employees, that includes sick leave and 401(k) benefits, too. it seems to feed on customers. the owner says her worker friendly policies have led to better profits than most san francisco restaurants. 5:52. lawyers in the kleiner perkins trial should start picking juror this is week, a case involving charges of sexual harassment and gender bias. scott mcgrew, everybody in silicon valley paying special attention to the lawsuit, sometimes for different reasons. >> that's true. some are looking frankly behind the scenes sort of the salacious secrets always exposed in absolute lawsuits like this. kleiner perkins does not want to discuss its deal-making. it asked the judge to close the courtroom any time the inside details of deal-making are going to be discussed. the woman who brought the lawsuit, ellen pao, probably
5:53 am
doesn't want her home life discussed but it has come out she and her husband are facing a great deal of debt. we suspect lawyers will suggest that's one of the motivations behind her $16 million lawsuit. people will be watching the less salacious details as well. how did kleiner perkins treat its female employees. the firm often points out it has more female employees and partners than any similar firm. certainly the treatment of women important a critical issue in silicon valley. if you take the recent diversity reports from big companies in the valley, women outnumber women 4:1 in tech. intel promised tens of millions of dollars to encourage women to pursue s.t.e.m. education but of course it's the culture inside the companies, inside the engineering bull pens that need to change, starting with the word bull pen. now weather, laura and sam, this is the case, that we kind of want to hang our hat on as far as silicon valley and its treatment of women, we don't know yet.
5:54 am
this thing is just in the jury selection process, as to whether this is a good representation of what we should think of silicon valley and how it treats women workers, we'll see. >> interesting, too, the point of not really settling out of court. >> oh, yes, kleiner perkins did not want to settle out of court, even over $16 million, which is not very much money. they're going to fight this one tooth and nail. >> prove their point as well, interesting. >> very symbolic. 5:54 right now. you know what? put those snow-making machines away, maybe just for a little bit out there in tahoe. christina with your microclimate forecast. >> it's really nice to get some of the natural stuff out there. you may have noticed the increasing clouds here in the bay area yesterday. today we're waking up completely cloud-free, part of the reason why, the jet stream is nearby, getting offshore flow but that means we're in the 50s now and that's pretty much where we're going to stay all the way through your lunch hour. we'll be at 56 degrees at noon in the south bay, 58 on the peninsula, and 56 degrees at high noon in the tri valley, only ramping up your temperature to about 61 degrees out there
5:55 am
later on. abundant sunshine, what that wind does do is help our air quality out and what will help out more when it comes to that, some shower activity. you'll show you a close-up y+z futurecast, kind of break down the bay area's microclimate full rainfall timing coming up as we head throughout the 6:00 hour together. you know what? this is about that time a lot of highway motorists start to get out there, stacking up, mike, that's the question. >> it's that time, christina. toward the bay bridge, we'll keep checking in here. not going to be a lot of change. the metering lights are on. traffic moving slower than a few minutes ago. we'll continue this. the rest of the bay nothing unusual about the flow of traffic right now. we're watching warnings from chp about the dumbarton, san mateo, bay bridge and richmond/san rafael bridge getting wind advisories this morning, your east/west bridges or west/east depending on how you commute. zoom toward hayward and san leandro area, we talked about a crash just off the castro valley y, north 880 at marina
5:56 am
boulevard. crash as a result of some debris in the roadway. couldn't sound major but i'm waiting to are chp to arrive to give us more detail. slow 238 and 880, and rest of your bay wind advisory for the north bay and east bay hills as well. back to you been. >> thank you very much. catch the oscars last night? we've got everything you need to know all the water cooler talk this morning. >> one of the big talkers is, doesn't have to do with what was in the show but what was not in the show. lots of people upset to see the comedian joan rivers was left out of the in memoriam portion of the show. rivers has appeared in a number of movies including "spaceballs" and "rabbit tests." ♪ oirh, glory ♪ ♪ glory >> the other big talker "glory" from the song from "selma" earned an oscar, it was the only oscar "selma" took home. there was a funny moment, singer edina mezel introduced john
5:57 am
travolta. remember he botched her name during last year's oscars? this time he seemed to get it right. >> he went so swimmingly right they said let's send the same two out. the oscars, best supporting actress winner patricia arquette talked about equal pay for women. his for those fighting als. >> and others dedicating theirs to their mom and dad. >> that's always nice. we'll take to you hollywood for more oscar buzz and cleanup as well. and we continue to follow breaking news this morning, a car fire in campbell, we're live on the scene with the latest details.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news at 6:00, explosions and flames rock a quiet south bay neighborhood
6:00 am
overnight. right now arson investigators on scene. plus a brave girl scout takes on a thief in the south bay. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have some gusty wind for the first part of the day, it will relax later on and then we're talking about rain showers and a return to winter. all the details in moments. >> a couple of locations commuters don't want to hear me call out. i have a crash update near the dublin interchange and castro valley y. live look outside of the bay bridge, shaky bay bridge, at least the camera is shaking. monday february the 23rd and you are watching "today in the bay." >> very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. arson investigators are trying to figure out what sparked three suspicious car fires overnight. before the flames, neighbors say they heard explosions.


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